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Financial Freedom is achievable and probably closer than you realize.  Sometimes we need an outside perspective and someone who believes in us to guide us to our goals.  If you are stuck in the middle class, with middle income, and just getting middle results, My 1:1 coaching program can help you get organized with your money and help you reach Financial Freedom faster than you ever thought possible!

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Our Membership (The Ideal Life & Money Academy) is a financial coaching Community designed to help YOU achieve results, move closer to Financial Freedom, and live your Ideal Life - within a supportive community.  Many people know what to do, but lack the accountability to take action.  We have created an easy to follow guideline to help you move through the stages of Financial Freedom to get there as fast as possible and live your Ideal Life in the process.  Surround yourself with like-minded people who want to see you win with money and in life.  This is where you'll get the support you need to be your best self!

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Can you say you are THRIVING at work?  Are you making a difference and loving what you do?  If you don't absolutely LOVE what you do for your work, I'm here to tell you there is more for you to enjoy.  Do something you are really good at, you are passionate about, and that creates enough income for you to live your Ideal Life.  I can help you discover what this is for you and/or land that dream job! 

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The freedom we are experiencing every day is miraculous. We never have to worry about paying our bills, worrying about having money to play with or eat out. It’s all accounted for and expected.


Sentinel Coaching has helped me manage my finances more intentionally, but more life changing has been adjusting my understanding of my money. I don’t approach my finances with nervousness anymore and my financial anxiety is on its way out the door! I have more knowledge about financial options available, a plan, and a positive view of how to handle my finances.


We were so surprised at how much Jason cared about us and our success. Our sessions were fun and educational and we really enjoyed his teaching methods!