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My name is Jason Lam, a Financial and Career coach and let me tell you…I absolutely love what I do for work and how I live my life!  I'd love to help you feel the same about your life and work too!  

I help to convert the “average” to become "extraordinary" when it comes to money and work.  I believe EVERYONE should be able to do what they love, live their Ideal Life, and reach Financial Freedom.

My goal is to help you get the best results possible through coaching.  I have several ways I coach people.

  1. A Membership program: Ideal Life & Money Academy
  2. Individual coaching (1:1)
  3. Online resources like courses, blogs, vlogs, videos, etc.

First, let me share my story to help you get to know me, my history, and see how I'm living my Ideal Life now!

My wake up call was in 2011.  Before that, I would have told you I had a great life with all the things a normal family could hope for!  Great family, a good job, a home in California, a fast car, and I had plenty of fun (see our silly image).  But little did I know, I was just one wrong turn in the economy away from collapsing financially because we weren't mangaging our money well and had too much debt. 

I took a finance class in Februrary of 2011 and from that point on, I committed to managing our money well and having a better life.  I got my hands on everything I could learn about business and finance and began to work the program.  We were making great strides in getting our financial life in order…then the shoe dropped.

In a matter of just a few months, I got laid off from my job...
  • We lost our home shortly after that
  • We were broke and still in debt
  • I had to start over in a new career 

How stressful is it when you have tens of thousands of dollars of debt and just got laid off?  Pretty stressful, believe me.  I kept asking..."Why did this have to happen right when we were starting to make progress?" 

The good news is my wife and I were on the same page of wanting to pick up the pieces and start building the life we wanted.  So, we moved into a cheap rental property outside of town, I got a part time job (making significantly less at first) in the Finance industry to start working my way toward the career and income I wanted, and we kept working the plan we created to get out of debt and live our Ideal Lives.  We worked our tails off and within 2 years, my income was back where it was before I lost my job and I was learning everything I could about finance and business.


We took that 2 years, plus another 3 years, and kept working our plan until we got completely out of debt, starting to live our Ideal Lives and were on the path to Financial Freedom!  Toward the end of that season, we discovered my passion to help others on their financial journeys.  So, I left my corporate finance job and started my coaching business helping people live their Ideal Lives and create the path to Financial Freedom!

Looking back, I’m thankful I went through that rough 5-year season because it’s made me a better coach for my clients and members.  Now, years later, I’ve helped hundreds of people in all sorts of situations and seen them go from helpless to hopeful.  Deep in debt to financially free!  You too can have these types of results if you partner with a Coach and are willing to put in the work.  I promise it’s worth it.  Let’s live our Ideal Lives and reach Financial Freedom TOGETHER!

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