The Importance of Investing in Yourself

May 12, 2022

I can't stress the importance of investing in yourself enough. We can only live our Ideal Lives if we are functioning at close to 100%. If you are always "running on empty", your life will be less than ideal.

The first thing to do is commit to investing in yourself. In our budgets, I label this as "personal growth". Not everything has to cost money, but some things we want to do to recharge our batteries will need a bit of money. And for sure many growth opportunities will cost money.

For you, this could be books, conferences, courses, memberships, trips, hobbies, or something else. See the video I created on the Refreshment List.

So, I recommend:

  • Setting aside 3%-5% of your income to invest in yourself (Growth)
  • Create your Refreshment List
  • Start living your Ideal Life!

If you want to start investing in yourself, you can check out the Ideal Life & Money Academy membership