Push the "Reset" button!

Mar 30, 2023

Sometimes you just need to push "reset". This is one of the best things about sports and "Opening Day". I'm a big baseball fan so Opening Day is a big deal among us fans. It's the 1 day where no matter what your team is doing, has done, or what the expectations are, you can say "We are in 1st place!". 

Even if the team is going through a rebuild and isn't expected to be good, there is a glimmer of hope that at least right at the beginning of the season, the reset button has been pushed and everything has started fresh and clean.

Maybe you need that reset button for your finances, your career, your relationship, your parenting, or your life. Today can be the day you DECIDE to hit that button and start something new, different, and better - without all of the baggage from the past. 

What area is that for you? What do you need to do to change?

Let's hit that reset button together and start getting different and better results in your life, your money, and your career. Check out the Ideal Life and Money Academy where we help our members define and start living their Ideal Life!