Patience Pays More Than Just Virtue

Jul 14, 2022

"Patience is a Virtue" - we've all heard that age-old saying and yes it's true. Patience is one of the best tools we can learn in this life. But I believe it's a lot more valuable than people realize. It can pay you back in a monetary way. Let's take a look at some of the ways patience can pay us in MONEY:

  • Look for deals/coupons or wait for those sales. Yes, you won't have that thing right away, but most things you don't really need right now anyway so you might as well save some money
  • Use a list and add items you think you "need", but don't buy it right away. You might find you don't need or want it anymore by the time you go to the store
  • Declare a shopping day or two throughout the month instead of going every time you feel like it. This can also work with declaring a "no spend" day once or twice per week depending on if you are a spender or not
  • When you go to buy something, ask for a deal or ask about "specials" that may not be advertised in the window
  • Pay attention to the Holidays - there are always deals and specials happening during a holiday
  • Look for 3rd party deals from a broker who can get you the same thing for cheaper (eg. Groupon, Expedia, Amazon, Facebook Marketplace, eBay, Craigslist)
  • Wait for the price to come down after an event "launch" like a sports tv package, a new phone release, or even investments (after the IPO - Initial Public Offering). Many times you can get a discount after the initial hype has passed
  • Buy used if you can - there are some things you don't want to buy used, but if you are okay with a slightly used item, you can save hundreds if not thousands of dollars and put that money toward other goals (Craigslist, Angie's List, eBay, Facebook Marketplace, Swappa, Kijiji, etc.)

If you need or want more ideas on how to save money, check out my free guide on ways to save $500 THIS MONTH!